Splijtstof 50-1

The cover and illustrations in this edition of Splijtstof are an homage to the style of the earliest editions of Splijtstof to celebrate its fiftieth anniversary. The cover is inspired by the covers used by Splijtstof since the second edition of the first year. Almost all illustrations are also reproductions from these early editions. Design by Ted van Aanholt



A Brief Introduction to Population Ethics

Responsibilities on a Finite Planet
Marlon Litjes

Hardin’s Case
Roos van Zeijl

The Population Dilemma
Vincent Ophoff

Reproductive Health Education as Population Policy
Robin Groenewoud

Do We Have the Duty to Have Just One Child, Concerning Future Generations?
Hannah Televi Ayawa Holtz

Anti-natalism, Non-identity, and Smyth’s Challenge
Jonas Müller

A Challenge to the Western Immortal’s Refusal to Die
Joris van der Meere