Splijtstof 51-1

The illustrations on the cover of and within this issue are made by Samuel Peelen 

Mireille Kouevi


Can a Conspiracy Theory Be the True Story?
Kyra Appel 

Our New Paradigm: The Conspiracy Theory of Society Revisited
Saar Boter 

When Dog Whistles Fall on Deaf Ears
Samuel Peelen 

Is QAnon the Newest Lovecraftian Work?
Ries Aalders 

The Epistemological Similarities and Differences Between the Conspiracy Theory QAnon and the New Religious Movement the KKK
Lucas Lievens 

Is Conspiracy Against Women in the Workplace Irrational? A Review of Current Workplace From the Perspective of Feminism and Irrationality
Yeha Jung 

Is the Allure of Conspiracy Theories Based on Their Supposed Irrationality?
Kirsty Crook 

Harmful Conspiracy Theories – A Small Price to Pay?
Laura Schranz 

COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories: Reasons for Emotions in Politics
Evi Bongers 

How Should Professional Journalism Deal with Conspiracy Theories?
Nell Meister 

The Logic of Conspiracy Theories: A Mathematical Analysis of a 9/11 Conspiracy Theory
Nienke Wessel 

Is Everything We Know a Conspiracy Theory?
Elia Rossi