Symposium: Bodies and Embodiment

September 2023
Splijtstof Symposium: Bodies and Embodiment
13:00 – 17:00Erasmusbuilding

Splijtstof is proud to present the annual philosophical Symposium, which this year will take part on the 27th of September! The theme of this year’s Symposium will be: Bodies and Embodiment.

Feel welcome and be submerged in an afternoon of philosophical activity, ending with a drink at the CultuurCafé. The speakers which will be attending this year are Ea Utoft, Ilse Meijer, Josias Tembo and Vivienne Matthies-Boon. All of these speakers will shine their light on Embodiment, what it means to them and how we – as dedicated philosophers – must question and interact with certain aspects of embodied life. If you feel like stopping by, which is possible whenever you want during the 27th, you can find the Symposium in room E.15:39/41, from 13:00 until 17:00.

Schedule for the day:

13:00 – Gather at E.15:39/41 on the 15th floor of the Erasmus Building

13:10 – Welcome and start of the day by moderator Max Schmermbeck

13:30 – (E.15 39/41) Ea Utoft and Ilse Meijer: A Discussion on “Objectivity” and Embodied Research Methods

14:40 (E.15 39/41) Lecture by Josias Tembo: Towards an Embodied View of Race and Religion

15:25 – Breaktime in the coffee corner on the 15th floor of the Erasmus building

15:50 – (E.15 39/41) Lecture by Vivienne Matthies-Boon: A Critical Phenomenological Account of Long Covid

17:00 – Drinks at Cultuur Café