Splijtstof is looking for new editors!

Due to an ageing editorial board we are on the lookout for fresh meat. Are you an FFTR student in your Bachelors and would you like to join the amazing Splijtstof team? Join us! If you are in your Masters then you are of course still welcome.  As the Italians say “in old barrels there’s good wine”. Join us and delight us with your wisdom!

‘’What does being an editor entail’’ you may wonder. Well, to a large extent it’s up to you. Some prefer to write articles, some take interviews, some collect articles from other students and some do all off those things. We meet once or twice a month for an editorial meeting, where you will be expected as well.

Being an editor with Splijtstof will teach you many things that you can use in a career within academia but also beyond. You will get your writings reviewed, will learn from correcting others and, perhaps most importantly, you will be part of a platform that supports all your weird brain twists, highly original ideas and purest nonsense.

If you have questions or if you want to straight up join, send an email to

The Splijtstof board is looking for a new treasurer!

Are you a responsible fellow or fellowin that maintains a relaxed condition when 20-3+15-5+732×2-86:2-2-421-230×5+125? If your calculation comes to a consistent zero, then you are warmly encouraged to get in touch with us via